Fundraising (and Awareness) Garden Party in Etchingham – June 4th 2017

Greta would like help!



  • Procuring the loan of 6 [small?] Gazebos for the Stalls  –  or, maybe one largeish Marquee??


  • Lending tables and chairs for sitting down to drink / eat refreshments [Irene & Margaret have some]


  • Making Veggie Quiches and Salads for and helping to serve refreshments on the day


  • Making and Baking for the Home Baked and Preserves Stall and helping to sell them on the day


  • Lots of donations for the White Elephant Stall to Rosemary Stammers


  • Procuring leaflets  for Info. Stall with Carole Benton  [07515759859]


  • Donations for Wine and Pimms Raffle with Aaron & Laura – 01435 864911


  • Donations for and help with the Fun Stall with Sam Coleman [Youth Officer] – 07975  789540


  • Donations for and help with organising the Treasure Hunt in the Woods with Sam Coleman – 07975 789540


  • Donations of plants and bunches of fresh herbs for the Plant Stall?


  • Greta will prepare and have printed Posters  and Flyers – more help needed distributing them [email below]


  • May need more Musicians  –  Sara Watson & Aaron McConnell  organising [Sara email above]


  • Organise Public Liability Insurance  – maybe through CLP  /  Adrie [CLP Campaigns Coordinator]


  • Anna has procured two signed copies of an Alan Johnson Books for Raffling




Greta Vipond

Women’s Officer

01424 819455


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