Democracy under attack

(Posted on behalf of Rosemary Stammers)

Ours is supposedly the oldest parliamentary democracy in the world, we often talk of our British belief in Fair Play, yet with the Trade Union Bill, the present government are putting these values at risk.

 We have already seen them make it harder to register to vote and soon they will redraw the Parliamentary map in a way that benefits the Conservative Party more than any other party. Hidden in the Trade Union Bill is a clause that is deliberately designed to cut off trade union’s financial support for the Labour Party. I note that the Conservative Government are doing nothing to limit the Hedge Funds, Millionaires and large billionaire Corporations that support the Tories. This is not Democracy, it is preposterous and totally against what Democracy stands for, actually this could be construed as conspiracy and dictatorship!

 It is appalling what this Tory Government have been trying to push through Parliament and the fact that MP’s are being denied a chance to vote on controversial new laws as the Government invokes arcane parliamentary loopholes to bypass Commons, for instance, Abolition of Student Grants, Fracking in National Parks and contentious New Voter Registration rules all forced through without proper approval, this is apart from George Osbourne trying to force through £4 billion of cuts to Tax Credits using a “Statutory Instrument” not even debated in the commons, it was only when the Lords threw it out that the Chancellor was forced to back down, this is but a few underhanded actions that the present government have tried to implement.

 This government must be made accountable, we must stop them robbing the poor and vulnerable and giving it to the already rich, wealthy and powerful!!!

 Rosemary Stammers

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2 Responses to Democracy under attack

  1. Emily says:

    Thanks for putting this into words Rosemary.
    Our society and hard won rights are being changed fundamentally, from many different directions, and we hardly realise it. ! Another example is the escalating policy to reduce the rate support grant to local authorities down to zero, with the aim of making them ‘self-supporting’. This is nothing to do with balancing the budget but about an extreme ideological policy to reduce the role of government in our lives. Fine if you have the means to live where ever and however you like ! and devil take…

  2. Rosemary Stammers says:

    Yes you are correct Emily, the rights of the Citizens of GB are being changed, for the worse, from many different directions. David Cameron is trying to implement his plan to slash payments for the chronically sick and disabled from £102.15 to £73.10, the same as the jobseeker’s allowance that’s despite the Employment and Support Allowance cuts suffering a huge defeat in the House of Lords. Also rather hypocritical as he claimed Disability Allowance, Disability Living Allowance and Child Benefit for his son (God rest his soul) when he was alive and he certainly did not need the money as he is a millionaire (a few times over) in his own right.

    Something we all need to be aware of, another attack on democracy, is the fact that George Osborne is slashing Parliamentary funding for opposition parties by 19%, Labour stand to lose £1.2m a year, this comes as Labour’s funding is also under attack from the Tories Trade Union Bill which the government are trying to get through parliament. This at a time when the Government spent more than £10 million on an army of spin doctors and advisers. Despite promising to cut the cost of politics and pledging to limit the number of spin doctors in 2010. Strange the Conservatives have found money to pay for nearly 100 spin doctors and political aides, up from 71 when they came into power in 2010, yet another broken promise. The Prime Minister also spent over £700,000 on jetting around the world between April and October 2015, before entering No.10 David Cameron claimed that there was “too much money is spent on pay for staff and going on foreign trips.

    The Tory 2015 manifesto contained and i quote ” tackling Tax Evasion and aggressive Tax Avoidance and Tax planning is an important part of our long-term economic plan” and his words were “We are all in this together”. Again broken promises, what he has actually done is to give large billionaire corporation a 10% Tax Deduction, this benefits the Tories billionaire backers and the rich. There are still many Tax Havens operating, this matters because the more firms and the rich are able to hide their money in tax havens the more the rest of us have to pay in tax to cover the shortfall to help the Poor and Vulnerable.

    Last but no least at the moment and very worrying is that the Tories are trying to rigg the system to lock Labour out of power by keeping Labour voters off the electoral roll, changing the boundries of the political map, making sure there are fewer Labour MPs, cutting the funds of opposition parties, curtailing the power of the trade unions, stamping out opposition in the House of Lords, gagging charities and campaigners, stopping journalist from getting information. David Cameron ordered a review of the Freedom of Information Act, the government want to strengthen the right of ministers to veto requests for information (for example MP’s expenses claims and much more), if this is watered down it will be much harder to hold the Government to account.

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