Bexhill and Battle Womens Forum Questionnaire 2015

(posted on behalf of Judith Meredith)
Dear Labour Party members and affiliated supporters,
The Women’s Forum consists of all individual women members in the Bexhill and Battle Constituency Labour Party. Until now, there has only been a small group of retired women members who meet monthly in Bexhill, and I think it is time to reach out to include and meet the needs of all of you.

Forgive me if a questionnaire appears an ungraceful way to make contact, but it is perhaps the quickest (and hopefully an efficient) way to do so. The aim is to begin to increase Women’s Forum activities, and to meet your needs and wishes. The questionnaire shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time.

To complete and submit the questionnaire securely online, please use the embedded form below (or click this link to open in a new window).  The questionnaire has also been emailed to all women members and supporters in the constituency.

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1 Response to Bexhill and Battle Womens Forum Questionnaire 2015

  1. Jane Hamilton says:

    This is a good idea.

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