Welcome to the website of the Bexhill and Battle Constituency Labour Party Women’s Forum. Women’s Forums are at the heart of women’s activity in the Labour Party. Up and down the country, women’s forums are organising events and campaigns and supporting local women to stand for election. Here is a description of the role of a Labour Party Women’s Forum

Watch this space for information about meetings and campaign activities.

To find out more about the Bexhill and Battle Women’s Forum, please contact Anne Ruzlo,  CLP Women’s Officer by email at wobexhillbattleclp@gmail.com

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  1. malka says:

    Hi Good to know you are there……are there any women in the area who support WASPI?

    • paulineridley says:

      Hi Maddy – not everyone will know what this stands for. Do you want to write a short piece to clarify the issues around women’s pensions?

      • malka says:

        Hi , The WASPI campaign has been active for some time now, and the petition has forced the issue into debate in Parliament. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/110776
        I have raised this issue with MP Huw Merriman who is not interested in representing me at all as he feels that he cannot intervene on an issue that has been decided, namely the increase in state pension age for women 1995 and 2011. Many women are now feeling financially stressed due to the extra amount of years and their own personal circumstances eg poor health, unemployed and very often are carers. I hope this explains some of the issues involved.

      • malka says:

        see my latest post ………..

  2. Carole says:

    Luckily I just fall outside the age range for the swingeing alterations to the pension gap which the WASPI campaign highlights. However, my retirement age has risen from 60 to 67 before I qualify for state pension and I face a bleak few years as a self-employed person becoming increasingly physically limited in how much work I can bid for.

  3. Anne Ruzylo says:

    Why is this forum not on Twitter? Thanks

    • paulineridley says:

      I agree but not everyone uses Twitter and the Women’s Forum just needed a quick website to start with for publishing information. There’s scope for more use of social media but only if one or more members are prepared to monitor and keep it active. Talk to Judith (womens officer) about why this matters!

  4. Fiona Hibbett says:

    There is a Hastings & Rother WASPI Action Day March on 16 September. Meet at 10.45 by Hastings Pier gates to march to the Town Hall. Please join us. The Hastings WASPI website is: hastings-waspi.webs.com

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